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building a portfolio of innovative  products and startups where positive change is at the core with focus on people. If you have an idea....


An entertainment studio opening its doors soon to nurture and cater to the creativity in the diversity we have.  KREIVO stands for  Creativity and the studio is eager to exploring innovative ways to bring in content, music and media. 

Partnered and Invested
CarKavach - Axioma

Innovating to solve a critical problem on temperature causing waste. A Temperature sensor that works with molten metal to identify , track and measure quality of the to be final product. Data driven intelligence to help reduce waste and improve efficiency


In Talks

Content Dilse

Original content generation for brands to associate with real people as they create stories on the go. Focused to reach millions via leveraging on global platform and content partnerships. Truly Dilse(From the heart) , Truly Original  Content. 

Customer Relations Manager

Taking CRM Solutions to the next level in different domains where customer is the co-creator and not just a king. Giving power to people who face the customer and know the customer the best. 

Artificial Intelligence Information Aggregator 

AI Based Chatbot and Visualization Service to help an organization drive Personalized Customer Focused insights, recommendations and guidance to Sales team.  

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