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we would love to listen and understand your vision and drive to bring about a change. Partnering to bring your idea to life is our motto

We are exploring to invest in companies where there is a direct relationship between financial outcomes and measurable social impact. These problems are complex and intertwined — there is no silver bullet. The entrepreneurs with whom we are fortunate enough to partner are working on solutions that the world needs now more than ever.

Media and entertainment industry is a tremendous growth industry that is going through a major transition caused by Internet distribution and changing media consumption habits and it opens up major new opportunities and brings new winners. Media & content  have become a key differentiator in media and entertainment business leading to growing demand of premium content. Historically entertainment asset performance has no relationship to the macro-economic trends and is not affected by stock exchange fluctuations and the COVID situation has aggravated the demand for new and original content over different OTT platforms. We are looking to focus on Original and Creative Content creators. Are you one of them?

Mobility for today and tomorrow is changing forever and we intend to be a catalyst for that change. We invest in and support the growth of early-stage startups with focus on the mobility industry. We invest in startups that make transportation safer, cleaner, and more accessible. Anything that transforms the way people move interests us immensely. We look for exceptional founders and their exceptional ideas which could be the change agents of the future and we are sure of the talent and drive out there.

Technology is the starting point for every investor or venture fund. Our specific talent with their immense experience in technology and management, have managed to get the best environment and market placement to ensure our investees get the best exposure. We also feel their excitement & are inspired by their drive. Every Tech investment is not just an investment in technology but also in people ready to build transformative businesses. 

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